Torrevieja U3A self help group in Torrevieja Costa Blanca Spain

Torrevieja U3A self help group in Torrevieja Costa Blanca Spain     

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Joining Torrevieja U3A

If you are interested in joining Torrevieja U3A, and you would be very welcome, why not attend one of our monthly general meetings as a visitor, where you will be greeted and introduced to the Association. You can only attend twice as a visitor, paying a fee of €2 per visit; then you either decide to join or not to attend again.

Should you decide to join our U3A, the membership fee is €5 for the year, regardless of the time of year you join.

Renewal of your membership is due in January each year and the fee will be at that year's annual rate which will be advised in advance. The renewal process begins in November of each year and must be completed by the end of the following January's meeting. Members receive their new Membership Badges after payment of the following year’s fee.

A Membership Application Form can be downloaded from this website via the link on this page, or collected from the Membership table at a monthly general meeting. Alternatively you can join us when attending a group; again only two visits allowed before you need to become a member. Our Group Leaders all have a supply of Application Forms.

Where do we meet?

Our monthly meetings are held at The CMO Building on the road behind the Carrefour Super Store, Torrevieja, usually on the last Monday of the month. Unless otherwise announced on our Information page, meetings begin at 11:00am with access available from 10:00am.

If you want to meet some of our Members for an informal chat and a little more information then try one of our Coffee Mornings, details of which may be found in our Social diary. Click on 'Social Events' on the menu above.

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Summer Meetings

During the summer months of June, July, and August, enrolment will be suspended and held over until September. Visitors are welcome to attend any of our summer meetings, free of charge, then if they wish to join the Association, they should complete an Application Form and our Membership Secretary will take care of the formalities at or shortly after the September meeting and issue a Membership Badge.

If a visitor wishes to attend an Interest Group meeting then the Group Leader should be approached to confirm that the Group operates in the summer and that a place is available.

Click on the logo on the left to download and print an Application Form to join the Torrevieja U3A. Please complete it and bring it along to a meeting.