Torrevieja U3A President’s Cascade, December 2017

December Cascade 2017

This will be a short cascade (good I hear you say) as having had problems over the last two weeks I have not had time to sort things out.

The Wednesday and Sunday Bridge group is presently suspended however do go along to the Monday (learners) or Tuesday group instead. Please check the website for further updates.

The annual Carol Concert in Torrevieja is to be on Saturday 16th December at 5.30 pm in the Plaza de la Constitution by Immaculada church. It would be nice to see you there.

Don't forget we have our general meeting at the CMO on Monday 11th December. This year we are having ”home grown” entertainment provided by members for members! It should be a lot of fun so hopefully I will see you there as well. Do remember to bring you own refreshments and your food donations. I will advise once the cafeteria is re-opened.
The council say it will be shortly but “this is Spain”!!! Also there will not be any books available until the January meeting.

I was told on Monday of a new collection place for the ring pulls and bottle tops so please don't throw them away or re-cycle them just yet as I am awaiting confirmation.

I am also attaching a brief piece from Bob Hill regarding the meeting he attended on our behalf regarding Brexit.

Now over to Peter Shaw for his update on the groups but firstly I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We have over the last year had a significant increase in group activities, whilst also losing one or two. This seems to be the general pattern of our organisation and group activities. Looking back over many years we have had some quiet interesting activities and it would be nice to bring some of them back.

Being groups coordinator can be a challenging role on occasion and there can be disappointing times:-
losing an activity from the group schedule
receiving an e mail from a member wanting to partake in a group which we don't have.
Too many members for the activity
However, on the whole it's quite rewarding

I would like to thank all group leaders for their commitment to their group activity and long may it continue.
With over 1000 members now we certainly need more activities for everyone to join. It would be amazing if in 2018 we could continue to increase the group activities as fast as the member numbers seem to be growing.

I have over this past twelve months on a monthly basis put out requests for new group activities, some with success, and some without.
Here is a reminder of some of the activities looking for member interest and in some cases a group leader.

Men and Sheds - Like minded men with an interest in making (wood, metal, building), talking and meeting up Music and Jamming sessions - singing, playing instruments, budding musicians, Archery, Astronomy, Backgammon, Family History, i pad basic use, Opera and theatre visits, Canasta, Gardening, Photography, Philately, Dancing.

All the above activities at some time were active in the Torrevieja U3A . How great would it be to bring them back in 2018
Why not try as a group leader or along with a friend. See how it goes.

See you Monday.